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We are modern yurts


Do you want a workshop for your business or to have spaces to accommodate more people? Would you like to live in a natural space in a yurt?

We build yurts 6 to 10 meters in diameter With windows, doors, attics, and platforms

We design the yurt with you
according to your needs


DiàmeterDe 6 a 10m
Superfície28m2 fins 81m2
Wall / yurta height2m30 / 3m60 - 4m60
Mezzanine1/4 o 1/2 yurta
Door and windowsPorta finestral - Finestra fixa - finestra abatible - finestra WC - Cúpula

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Sizes of yurts, platforms, doors, windows, insulation, etc. All the necessary information is collected in this catalog.

Dissenyem interiors

We help you design your interior
Installation of a mezzanine, separation of rooms, stairs, doors.
Everything you need to create functional spaces that meet your needs.